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imagilib is a unique library or a collection of variables and functions that you can use when you are programming in the imagi app. In addition to imagilib, only some standard Python libraries can be used in the our app: random, math, and datetime. You can read in more detail about how to use all these libraries, variables and functions below.


This section documents the objects and functions in the imagilib module.

imagilib is a PythonΒ library that contains all the predefined variables, functions and classes that can be used in the imagi app coding environment (code editor). The imagilib library is imported into each coding project so that the objects and functions are available from the start.

Environment variables

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Here is a list of the variables that can be used:

# Example
m[0][0] = on  # this turns on the pixel in the upper left corner of the matrix
m[7][0] = R  # this sets the color of the pixel in the bottom left corner to red


# Example
m[0][0] = on
blink_rate = 1 # this will make the pixel blink once per second