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At imagi, we have built a zero-to-hero coding platform to empower both students and teachers. Our tools are designed with a gender lens, bringing creative and engaging opportunities for all to learn coding in the classroom and beyond.

💪 Company Overview

👩‍💻 Problem / Context

imagi is an award-winning Swedish startup, bringing a fresh take on ed-tech, gaming, and social impact.

With roots from NYU and KTH, our founding team has the capability, resilience, and drive (including personal motives) to achieve impact at scale with imagi.

imagi is backed by world-class angel investors with decades of experience from gaming to education and impact.

Our team has a strong professional network including senior executives at Apple, Google, Raw Fury, Roblox, StarStable, and many more.

The company has proven its capability to execute through crowdfunding, designing, and shipping a high-quality hardware product (0.05% fault rate).

Our commitment to our end users and our obsession with building high-quality products has resulted in delightful experiences loved by our community (and Apple).

🦸‍♀️ Founders

Beatrice Ionascu, Co-founder & CTO

Dora Palfi, Co-founder & CEO

From an early age, boys are given toys and games that encourage them to build and create. Girls, on the other hand, are given fewer products that are often for consumption only. This leads to a decrease in interest, sense of belonging, confidence, und ultimately, a lack of women who enter the tech industry.

📱 Solution / Products

At imagi, we empower children — with a special focus on girls — to unlock the Tech industry's full potential and to reimagine the future. Our products span across the physical and digital. 👉 imagi Edu is an introductory coding platform (for both students and teachers) that brings creative coding in Python to the classroom. The learning experience is enhanced by the 👉 imagiCharm, a programmable accessory that brings code to life. Our impact and reach is further amplified thanks to our mobile game, 👉 imagi (available on App Store + Play Store), which motivates kids to use Python to create pixel art through gamification, and offers a positive, safe global community of users.

Our tools are uniquely inclusive and generally serve kids ages 8-14.

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